Wood Roof Truss Products from Truss Systems Hawaii

Our engineered wood roof trusses are built at our Maui plant from renewable lumber sourced from our suppliers in the Pacific Northwest.

We can engineer roof trusses for any type of structure whether it be residential or commercial, from the most economical family home to the most complete residential or commercial projects. With our computer-controlled saws and automated manufacturing equipment, you’ll also be assured they’ll deliver a perfect fit and rugged reliability for the life of your building.

There are many other benefits to using our roof trusses:

  1. Greater Efficiency :: Since they arrive at the job site ready to install, they eliminate framing delays, clean-up costs, risk of theft, etc.
  2. Save on Labor Costs :: For every traditional built house, a builder can put up three component homes in the same amount of time. You get more production without any added costs.
  3. Flexible Design :: Each truss is individually designed so you can incorporate whatever features you want. Anything from planter ledges, to attic storage, to cathedral ceilings.