Living Up to Our Roots

Our mission: “Provide the Hawaii market with the highest quality components and the most professional service for as low a cost as possible.”

We’re committed to providing the highest quality components and professional service possible and we work hard to make it true every day for every customer. That’s why we’re proud to stand by (and under) our work. It’s one of the reasons we’ve become the most trusted and most-relied upon truss manufacturer in Hawaii.

It began over 21 years ago, when Scott Loomer founded Truss Systems Hawaii. He’d been working in the business for years and felt he could do it even better. A place that would be constantly improving as building design and technology did. A place of superior integrity and service. A place that always had the best price, but was never the cheapest.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Improving Through Innovation

Technology has improved nearly every industry and that includes ours. We’ve always been at the forefront of the latest advances as long as they helped improve accuracy, efficiency, safety, and cost. And all those benefits get passed on to you.

Truss System employees are already proficient in the newest equipment available from our custom design software to our computerized robot saws that cut error and waste as handily as they do wood. Others may be just adopting these technologies, but we’ve been using them for years.

Our Facility

We’re proud to be headquartered on the island of Maui. It gives us a good base to serve all of Hawaii. Our current 12,000-square foot facility was built in 1994 and we currently employ 15 highly-trained and experienced workers. At peak capacity, we can produce up to 800 trusses per day.

We’re Keeping Hawaii Green

Using trusses is a more environmentally-friendly way to build. Especially the way we build them.

  1. They use less lumber: Comparing identically sized houses, the house built with components used 5,300 board feet of lumber LESS than a conventionally framed house.
  2. Can be built to improve energy conservation: Raising the heel height allows room for more insulation along roof edges and allows it to perform at its maximum efficiency.
  3. LEED Certification Assistance: We’re eager to help you build, achieving whatever LEED rating you’re aiming for. We’ll work with your architects and engineers from the start to make it happen.

*Source: Study by The Wood Truss Council of two identical square foot houses.