Floor Truss Products from Truss Systems Hawaii

Our cost efficient pre-fabricated floor trusses are delivered ready to install – saving time and labor costs.

All of our floor trusses are individually engineered to the specifications of your building design whether it be residential or commercial applications. This attention to detail and design can make for a much easier install, saving construction time and labor costs.

Other benefits to utilizing our engineered floor truss products include:

  1. Cost Competitive :: Pricing is on-par with other engineered floor solutions.
  2. Fast Delivery :: Minimal lead-time as floor trusses are fabricated locally at our Maui base-yard.
  3. Easy Installation :: Our floor trusses are designed and engineered to suit your exact project specifications.
  4. Flexible :: The open, web structure of floor trusses allow for easy plumbing, HVAC system, and electrical rough-in.